Maximize Growth and Manage Accounts to Increase Revenue

Identify new opportunities, reach your most profitable customers, and establish best practices to manage relationships. Experian® offers a variety of tools, including data and portfolio management systems and reporting software, to help you gain a full view of your customers’ credit activity and behavior so that you can market the right products at the right time to valued customers and decrease your liability with your risky customers.

Manage Customer Information and Databases

Get a more complete view of your customers and have consistent data across various business units. Our data management systems control and cleanse data from multiple sources. Deploy multichannel contact strategies and capture data at the point of sale.

Build Relationships

Take advantage of cross-sell and up-sell opportunities by better understanding your customers. With customer notification services, credit activity reports and behavioral data, you’ll know when to approach existing customers with timely personalized offers. With analytics tools that determine total customer value and better retention strategies, your portfolio will grow.

Manage Customer Portfolio

Uncover trends in your portfolio and receive notification when your customers receive offers from your competitors. By combining Experian’s extensive up-to-date customer data with its portfolio management applications, you can maximize your revenue, minimize your risk, make timely offers to retain existing accounts and employ stronger risk-reward decisions.