Increase Revenue Through Customer Acquisition

When it comes to customer acquisition, Experian® is uniquely positioned to help its clients overcome the complexity of the marketplace. The wealth of our business services includes data and analytical expertise as well as marketing and measurement capabilities. Together, these offerings help clients acquire customers, automate processing and decisioning, increase revenue and reduce acquisition costs and risks.

Target Prospects

Identify prospective customers matching your business objectives using specialized research, market surveys, psychographic profiles and analytics tools to segment audiences. By creating more targeted and relevant messaging for your offers, you'll improve your ability to acquire new customers.

Evaluate Risk

Determine which businesses and consumers make profitable new customers and present the least amount of risk. Experian offers business reports, public records and risk modeling tools as well as credit information, application screening tools and scoring software to assess a prospect’s creditworthiness.

Determine Best Offer

Set optimal lending terms using scoring and segmentation tools. Our programs analyze credit application data and automate the decisioning process to provide you with the most profitable offer recommendations.

Originate Credit Applications

Minimize risk while simplifying the credit application process. Experian’s credit and loan origination products analyze risk and automate underwriting to improve the integrity of your lending efforts.

Improve Direct Mailings

Achieve better results from your direct mail offers by having valid data, correct addresses to improve delivery and suppression techniques to exclude customers you aren’t targeting. These simple measures significantly decrease costs associated with returned mail or non-conversion

Market Research

Gain a better understanding of consumer behavior, attitudes and motivations, and get an accurate picture of your prospects using our extensive business reports and customized modeling tools.

Digital Marketing

Acquire new customers using online marketing and targeted television advertisements. Electronic media is a more cost-effective way to advertise your products and services and it provides immediate and quantifiable results.